is lax bigger than laguardia

Is LAX Bigger Than LaGuardia?

Looking for a comprehensive comparison between LAX and LaGuardia airport? Let’s dig in quick!

Is LAX Bigger Than LaGuardia airport?

Yes, LAX is bigger than LaGuardia. The Los Angeles airport (LAX) covers 3,500 acres while the LaGuardia Airport (LGA) covers 680 acres of land. That makes LAX 7.5 times bigger than LaGuardia.

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Another valid consideration in the LAX vs Heathrow discussion is the passenger traffic that went through each airport in 2022. Let’s find out.

Passenger Volume: LAX vs LaGuardia

Lax vs LaGuardia passenger volume comparison image

In 2022, LAX did 65,924,298 in passenger volume while LaGuardia served 29,040,963 passengers in the same period. Hence, in terms of passenger traffic, LAX is bigger than LaGuardia.

You certainly also would agree that, aside land area covered and passenger volumes, we can also talk about facilities in place. Airports have terminals, runways, gates, and lounges, for example.

Let’s see how both airports size up in the areas of terminals and runways.

Terminals: Lax vs LaGuardia

Lax vs LaGuardia Terminals comparison

The Los Angeles airport has 9 terminals. LaGuardia on the other hand is served by 3 terminals. Certainly, it’s a bigger number for LAX.

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Runways: Lax vs LaGuardia

Lax vs LaGuardia Runway comparison

When talking runways, the LaGuardia airport has 2 runways. LAX on the other hand has 4 runways. LAX is bigger for runways.

It’s always a good idea to explore and decide the best airport to fly to for a give destination. And I hope that this quick overview of the two airports considered would facilitate your choice.

Land Area3,500680
LAX vs. London Heathrow size

I’ve found that folks like often want to know the answer the following question(s).

Is LAX the Biggest Airport?

No, LAX (3,500 acres) is not the biggest airport. It is not the biggest airport in the United states. The biggest airport in the U.S is Denver International airport (33,500 acres), in terms of land area. While for passenger traffic, the Atlanta airport is the busiest!

Which airport is bigger LAX or Chicago?

Chicago O’hare is bigger than LAX. The Los Angeles airport (LAX) covers 3,500 acres while the Chicago O’Hare International Airport covers 7,627 acres of land. That makes O’hare 2.2 times bigger than LAX.

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