is london bigger than madrid

Is London Bigger Than Madrid?

London and Madrid are two of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But which city is bigger?

Is London Bigger Than Madrid?

In terms of land area, London is bigger than Madrid. Madrid has a land area of 233.33 square miles, while London has a land area of 606.96 square miles. That makes London 2.6 times the size of Madrid.

London vs Madrid Land Area Image

The table below compares London and LA in terms of area covered, population and density.

CityLand Area (sq mi)PopulationPopulation Density (people per sq mi)
London vs Madrid size

Population: London vs Madrid

London vs Madrid population image

In terms of population, London is significantly larger than Madrid. London has a population of 8.799 million, while Madrid has a population of 3.2 million. This means that London is home to over thrice as many people as Madrid.

Population Density: London vs Madrid

London vs Madrid population Density Image

London has a little higher population density than Madrid. London’s population density is 14,500 people per square mile, while Madrid’ population density is 14,000 people per square mile.

Tourist Attractions: London vs Madrid

Both London and Madrid offer a wealth of tourist attractions. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in London include:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • The Tower of London
  • The British Museum
  • The National Gallery
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • The London Eye
  • The Shard
  • Greenwich
  • Oxford Street

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Madrid include:

  • Sure, here are some popular tourist attractions in Madrid:
  • Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Prado Museum
  • Retiro Park
  • Puerta del Sol
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Gran Vía
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum
  • Reina Sofía Museum
  • Temple of Debod
  • Plaza de Cibeles
  • Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (home of Real Madrid)
  • Mercado de San Miguel
  • El Rastro Market
  • Plaza de España
  • Palacio de Cristal (in Retiro Park)
  • Almudena Cathedral
  • Gran Via Street
  • Debod Temple
  • Plaza de Oriente
  • San Miguel Market

Economy of London compared to Madrid

London’s economy is a powerhouse, known for its diversity and global influence. It’s one of the world’s leading financial centers, home to the London Stock Exchange and numerous multinational corporations. The city thrives on finance, professional services, and technology sectors, attracting top talent from around the globe. Its real estate market is notoriously pricey, reflecting its status as a global hub.

On the flip side, Madrid boasts a dynamic economy but on a slightly smaller scale. While not as massive as London’s, Madrid’s economy is robust, with strengths in finance, technology, and tourism. It’s the financial hub of Spain, housing the headquarters of major Spanish banks and multinational companies. Madrid’s strategic location in Europe also enhances its significance as a transportation and logistics hub.

London’s economy tends to be more international, with a broader range of industries and higher levels of foreign investment. Madrid, while growing rapidly, is still catching up in terms of international prominence. However, both cities offer unique opportunities and contribute significantly to their respective countries’ economies.

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