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6 Biggest Airports in Vermont

Welcome to the Green Mountain State, where natural beauty meets aviation connectivity. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through Vermont’s biggest airports, from Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport to Northeast Kingdom International Airport. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these airports play a vital role in Vermont’s transportation network.

1. Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport (BTV)

The biggest airport in Vermont is the Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport (BTV), a vast expanse covering 942 acres in South Burlington. BTV isn’t just large; it’s the primary gateway to Vermont.

  • Land Area: 942 acres
  • Airlines: Major carriers like Delta, United, and American make BTV their home, connecting Vermont to numerous domestic and international destinations.
  • Terminals: Inside BTV’s modern terminal building, you’ll find a bustling atmosphere with dining options, shopping, and all the amenities to kickstart your journey.

2. Northeast Kingdom International Airport (NEK)

Nestled in Newport, Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom International Airport (NEK) may not be as extensive as BTV, but it has its unique charm.

  • Land Area: 540 acres
  • Airlines: NEK predominantly serves as a general aviation airport, welcoming private and charter flights.
  • Terminals: NEK boasts a terminal building, offering essential services and a warm welcome to travelers exploring Newport and the surrounding areas.

3. Rutland–Southern Vermont Regional Airport (RUT)

In North Clarendon, you’ll find the picturesque Rutland–Southern Vermont Regional Airport (RUT), smaller in size but significant in connecting the region.

  • Land Area: 345 acres
  • Airlines: Cape Air is the key player at RUT, providing scheduled passenger service to Boston Logan International Airport, a vital link for those exploring beyond Vermont’s borders.
  • Terminals: RUT’s terminal building caters to passenger needs, offering essential services and a friendly atmosphere.

4. Edward F. Knapp State Airport (MPV)

For travelers exploring the Barre and Montpelier areas, Edward F. Knapp State Airport (MPV) provides a convenient gateway.

  • Land Area: 259 acres
  • Airlines: Cape Air offers scheduled flights from MPV to Boston Logan International Airport, making it an accessible option for those traveling to the state capital and surrounding regions.
  • Terminals: MPV’s terminal building ensures travelers have the necessary amenities for a comfortable start to their journeys.

5. Morrisville–Stowe State Airport (MVL)

Located in Morrisville, Vermont, Morrisville–Stowe State Airport (MVL) offers a convenient travel option for the area.

  • Land Area: 112 acres
  • Airlines: Like RUT and MPV, Cape Air provides scheduled passenger service from MVL to Boston Logan International Airport, a critical link for exploring New England and beyond.
  • Terminals: MVL’s terminal building ensures a welcoming environment with access to essential services for travelers.

6. William H. Morse State Airport (DDH)

In the southern reaches of Vermont, William H. Morse State Airport (DDH) in Bennington provides aviation services to the local community.

  • Land Area: 100 acres
  • Airlines: DDH primarily serves charter and private aviation services, offering a convenient gateway for exploring the southern part of the state.
  • Terminals: The airport’s terminal building ensures that passengers have access to essential services and amenities during their travels.

Vermont’s airports, whether large or small, play vital roles in connecting the Green Mountain State to the broader world. Whether you’re embarking on a mountain adventure or exploring Vermont’s charming towns, these airports offer the first and last impressions of the state’s hospitality.

As you plan your journeys through Vermont, remember that these airports, with their unique characters and varying sizes, are ready to welcome you with open arms. Whether it’s the bustling terminals of Burlington or the cozy atmosphere of Rutland, these gateways to the skies are your ticket to exploring the beauty of Vermont.

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