is frankfurt airport big

Is Frankfurt Airport Big?

Yes, in terms of land area covered, Frankfurt airport is big!The Frankfurt International airport covers 5,683 acres of land. That is bigger that JFK airport (4,930 acres), Heathrow airport (3031 acres), and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (4,700 acres).

Frankfurt airport is big

However, when compared the the world’s biggest airports – King Fahd Airport (191,800 acres), Denver Airport (33,531 acres) or DFW airport (17,207 acres), the airport is Fankfurt is way smaller.

Now let’s switch to the area of passenger traffic. I’ve observed that when talking about how big an airport is, people often are interested the number of passengers serviced by that airport.

Frankfurt Airport Passenger Traffic

In 2022, Frankfurt aiport (FRA) did 48,918,482 in passenger traffic. That’s some huge numbers there- almost 50 million passengers went through the airport! Indeed, few airports like Atlanta, Hong Kong airport, and DFW airport had bigger figures in the same year.

Speaking of passenger numbers, then, Frankfurt international airport is actually big!

How many terminals are in Frankfurt Airport?

Frankfurt Airport has two passenger terminals, each designed to cater to the needs of travelers and provide efficient and seamless air travel experiences. Both terminals have a combined capability to accommodate approximately 65 million passengers per year.

Frankfurt airport served by several airlines

The first terminal, Terminal 1, is the larger of the two and is divided into concourses A, B, C, and Z. It is a bustling hub that accommodates a wide range of airlines, including many major international carriers.

Terminal 1 offers an extensive array of amenities and services, ensuring that passengers have everything they need during their time at the airport. From check-in counters and security checkpoints to duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges, Terminal 1 provides a comprehensive travel experience.

Terminal 2, the second passenger terminal at Frankfurt Airport, also caters to a significant number of airlines and passengers. It is designed to handle both Schengen and non-Schengen flights, providing a convenient and streamlined travel process for passengers traveling within Europe and those embarking on international journeys.

Like Terminal 1, Terminal 2 is equipped with various amenities and facilities to enhance the passenger experience, including retail outlets, dining options, and comfortable waiting areas.


Frankfurt airport is a top airport in Europe and it is quite big. Either you’re considering land area covered or passenger taffic, Fankfurt is not a small airport.

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