Is Manchester airport bigger than Heathrow

Is Manchester Airport Bigger than Heathrow?

When it comes to airports, size is an important factor to consider. From land area to passenger volume, there are various aspects to compare to determine which airport is bigger. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at two popular airports in the UK: Manchester Airport and Heathrow Airport. Is Manchester airport bigger than Heathrow?

No, Heathrow airport is bigger than Manchester airport. While Manchester Airport covers 1,400 acres of land, Heathrow airport spans 3,031 acres of land. That makes Manchester airport significantly smaller than Heathrow Airport.

Manchester vs Heathrow airport
Manchester vs Heathrow airport size

Passenger Volume: Manchester vs Heathrow

Manchester vs Heathrow Airport Passenger volume comparison

Passenger volume is another key factor when comparing the size of airports. In 2022, Manchester Airport welcomed 23,364,471 passengers, which is an impressive number. However, when compared to Heathrow Airport’s 61.6 million passengers in the same year, Manchester Airport falls short.


When it comes to facilities, both Manchester and Heathrow airports offer a wide range of amenities for travelers. Manchester Airport has three terminals, over 50 airlines, and serves over 210 destinations worldwide. In comparison, Heathrow Airport has four terminals, over 80 airlines, and serves over 180 destinations globally. Additionally, Heathrow Airport is home to the world’s largest airline alliance, Star Alliance. Overall, in terms of facilities, Heathrow Airport offers more options for travelers.

Comparison Table: Manchester Airport vs. Heathrow

MetricManchester AirportHeathrow Airport
Land Area 1,400 acres3,031 acres
Passenger Volume23.3 million61.6 million
Manchester Airport vs. Heathrow

Is Manchester Airport the biggest in the UK?

No, Manchester airport is not the biggest in the United Kingdom. London Heathrow is the biggest airport in the UK by both land area and passenger volume. While Manchester airports covers a land area of 1,400 acres, Heathrow sprawls on 3,130 acres of land.

Is Manchester Airport busier than Heathrow?

The answer is No! Heathrow airprot is far busier than Manchester airport. In 2022, Heathrow did 61.6 million in passenger volume. That’s almost 3 times Manchester aiprots 23.3 million passengers in the same year

Summary: Is Manchester airport bigger than Heathrow?

In conclusion, when it comes to comparing Manchester Airport and Heathrow Airport, it’s clear that Heathrow is the larger of the two. With a significantly larger land area and a much higher passenger volume, Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest and most popular airports in the world. However, Manchester Airport still has a lot to offer with its impressive facilities and wide range of destinations. Ultimately, both airports are excellent options for travelers looking to explore the UK and beyond.

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