is long beach airport big

Is Long Beach Airport Big?

Long Beach Airport, also known as Daugherty Field, is a popular airport located in California. But is Long beach a big airport? Let’s take a closer look at its size, passenger numbers, facilities, airlines, destinations, terminals and gates, runways, and a summary of its overall impact.


Long Beach Airport covers an area of 1,166 acres, making it a relatively small airport compared to other major airports in the region. However, its size does not compromise the convenience and efficiency it offers to travelers.

Passenger Numbers

In 2022, Long Beach Airport served 3,242,831 passengers. While this number may be lower than some of the larger airports in the area, it still provides essential services to the surrounding community.


Despite its size, Long Beach Airport offers a wide range of facilities to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience for travelers. These facilities include multiple dining and shopping options, free Wi-Fi, a pet relief area, and a nursing room for mothers with infants.


Long Beach Airport is primarily serviced by Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Delta Airlines. These airlines provide numerous domestic and international flights to a variety of destinations.


Passengers can fly to over 20 domestic and international destinations from Long Beach Airport. Some of the popular destinations include San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, and Seattle.

Terminals and Gates

Long Beach Airport has one terminal building with 11 gates. The terminal building is designed in a mid-century modern style, giving it a unique and nostalgic feel.


Long Beach Airport has three runways, each made of asphalt. Runway 12/30 is the longest runway, measuring 10,000 feet in length and 3,048 meters in width. Runway 08L/26R measures 6,192 feet in length and 1,887 meters in width, while runway 08R/26L measures 3,918 feet in length and 1,194 meters in width.


In summary, Long Beach Airport may not be as large as other airports in the region, but it still offers excellent facilities and services to travelers. Its convenient location and range of destinations make it a popular choice for those looking to fly in and out of Southern California.

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