biggest airports in new jersey

Biggest Airports in New Jersey

New Jersey, known as the Garden State, boasts a well-connected network of airports that serve as gateways to the vibrant culture and economic activity of the region. In this article, we will explore the largest airports in New Jersey, each with its unique characteristics and contributions to the state’s transportation infrastructure

1. Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)

Atlantic City International Airport, with its expansive 5,000 acres, is a significant aviation hub on the Jersey Shore.

Land Area: Covering 5,000 acres, ACY offers ample space for aviation operations and development.

Passenger Traffic: ACY serves both leisure and business travelers, with a focus on connecting the Jersey Shore to major cities.

Terminals: The airport features passenger terminals designed for convenience and comfort.

Runways: Multiple runways efficiently handle various types of aircraft.

Facilities: ACY offers a range of amenities, including dining options and retail stores, enhancing the passenger experience.

2. Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Liberty International Airport, spanning 2,027 acres, is one of the busiest airports in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area.

Land Area: With 2,027 acres, EWR is a major gateway for travelers to and from the region.

Passenger Traffic: EWR handles millions of passengers annually and is a crucial hub for both domestic and international flights.

Terminals: The airport boasts modern passenger terminals equipped with a variety of services.

Runways: Multiple runways accommodate a diverse range of aircraft, supporting global connectivity.

Facilities: EWR offers extensive passenger amenities, dining choices, and shopping opportunities.

3. Trenton–Mercer Airport (TTN)

Trenton–Mercer Airport covers 1,345 acres and is strategically located in central New Jersey.

Land Area: With 1,345 acres, TTN serves as an essential transportation link for the region.

Passenger Traffic: TTN primarily caters to passengers seeking convenient access to central New Jersey.

Terminals: The airport provides passenger terminals designed to facilitate efficient travel.

Runways: Runway facilities are tailored to accommodate various aircraft, ensuring smooth operations.

Facilities: TTN offers essential amenities for passengers, making it a welcoming point of entry to central New Jersey.


New Jersey’s airports play a vital role in connecting the state’s residents and visitors to destinations near and far. Whether you’re arriving at Atlantic City International Airport for a Jersey Shore vacation, landing at Newark Liberty International Airport for a business trip, or exploring central New Jersey through Trenton–Mercer Airport, these aviation hubs ensure convenient and efficient travel experiences. As New Jersey continues to thrive as a cultural and economic hub, its airports stand ready to welcome travelers and contribute to the state’s growth and connectivity.

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