is miami bigger than tampa

Is Miami bigger than Tampa?

Are you looking for the answer to Is Miami bigger than Tampa? That’s what I addressed in this article. Find a comparison of the two cities based on current official data from the U.S Census Bureau .

Is Miami bigger than Tampa?

No, Tampa is bigger than Miami. Tampa covers a land area of 114.02 square miles, while Miami has a land area of 36 square miles. That makes Tampa 3.2 times the size of Miami.

Miami vs Tampa Land Area Image

The table below compares Miami and Tampa in terms of area covered, population and density.

CityLand Area (sq mi)PopulationPopulation Density (people per sq mi)
Miami vs Tampa size

Population: Miami vs Tampa

Miami vs Tampa population Image

In terms of population, Miami is bigger than Tampa. According to latest data from the U.S Census bureau, Miami has a population of 449,514, while Tampa has a population of 398,173. This means that Miami is home to 51,341 more people than Tampa.

Population Density: Miami vs Tampa

Miami vs Tampa Population Density Image

Miami has a higher population density than Tampa. Miami’s population density is 12,285.8 people per square mile, while Tampa’s population density is 3,376.4 people per square mile.

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